Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Fried Mee Siam

那天一大清早就想吃Mee Siam然知道炒mee siam先准备虾米辣椒料,不是想普通炒米粉那样,水和料倒下去炒炒一下就好,又想到煮好要收拾要赶去上午班,哎,要炒是不要炒好呢? 但是吃的心是安耐不住了,匆匆的跑去店子材料来炒米粉。这样一炒倒也划算, 早餐,午餐和晚餐都有着落。。呵呵。。

谢谢原作分享个很好吃的Mee Siam


10 banana prawns with tail on, washed and feelers trimmed
Vegetable oil
2 cups chicken/beef stock (I used 1.5 cup)
1/2 tbsp chicken stock powder
2 tbsp fish sauce
3-4 tbsp sugar
1-2 tbsp dried tamarind pulp, mixed with 1/4 cup hot water until softened, then strain the pulp
1/4 tsp pepper
500g Wai Wai brand vermicelli noodles, soaked in water for 5 minutes until softened

Blend finely:
5 cloves garlic
3 large onions
20 dried chillies, deseeded and soaked in warm water
1/2 cup dried prawns

(* I only used half of the blended mixture, the rest I kept in the freezer for next use)

200g bean sprouts
1 bunch garlic chives (about 150g / 5oz), cut into 2 inch lengths

4 eggs, beaten, seasoned with salt and pepper, fried into a thin omelette and finely shredded
2-3 limes or lemon wedges
Crispy fried shallots
Coriander leaves
Crispy fried shrimp


1.Fried prawn with vegetable oil. Remove and drain on kitchen paper. Leave the oil in the wok.

2. Heat up the same oil in the wok. Fry the blended ingredients for 4-5 minutes. Add stock, chicken stock powder, fish sauce, sugar, pepper and tamarind liquid. Bring to a boil and simmer for 5 minutes.

3. Add the vermicelli and mix until well combined. Toss for 2-3 minutes until the liquid has been absorbed and noodles are almost dry. Add bean sprouts and chives and mix them into the noodles. Transfer to a serving plate and top with garnish. Squeeze over some lime/lemon juice before serving.

Recipe adapted from : To Food with love