Monday, 11 June 2012

玫瑰花露草莓蛋糕卷 (Rosewater Strawberry Swiss Roll)


P/S:Sonia 我看到有种子卖,我给你带一些回来。

奶油 25g  unsalted butter 25g
 35g          milk 35g 

蛋全 200g        egg 200g
蛋黄 20g          egg yolk 20g
 90g          caster sugar 90g

低筋面粉 80g     plain flour 80g (sifted)
玉米粉 1tsp        corn flour 1 tsp (sifted)

馅 (Filling)
物性奶油 180g       whipped cream 180g (I used double cream, whipped)
 20g                          caster sugar 20g
草莓 200g (切一半) strawberries 200g (cut into half)
玫瑰花露 20ml               rosewater 20ml

1. 无奶油隔水加融化 (A)。
Melt ingredients (A) in a double boiler.

2. 全蛋,蛋黄加入砂糖(B)放在同一容器内隔水用打蛋器拌至蛋液有温度可离开继续搅 
Mix all ingredients (B) in a mixing bowl, place bowl over hot water and whisk until egg mixture become pale and slightly warm.

3. 改用打蛋机由慢而快不停地打, 为浓稠的蛋糊。打至出现纹理,再低速持打一分钟.
Use electric mixer to beat the batter until the volume increase and become very thick (about 6-8 minutes),  then change the speed to low to beat further 1 minute.

4. 入(C),拌成均匀面糊。
Use a big metal spoon or spatula to fold in flour (C) in three batches.

5. 取少量的面糊倒入(A)用橡皮刮快速拌匀。再倒回面糊拌均匀。
Pour some batter into (A) use folding method to mix well.  Pour the mixture back to the batter and mix well.

6. 将花瓣排好在上油纸的盘上,慢慢倒入蛋糊,抹平表面,震出气泡。
Arrange the petals on a lined swiss roll pan. Pour batter onto the pan. Spread and smooth out the batter evenly. Tap the swiss roll pan slightly on the bench top to knock out some big air bubbles.

7. 放入预热180C烤箱内烤12分左右。出炉后上拿出散
Bake in preheated oven for 12 minutes. Transfer to a wire rack to cool.

玫瑰花露草莓 (Rosewater infused strawberries):
Hulled and half the strawberries. Place the strawberries in a big bowl and pour over rosewater. Leave to soak for 20 minutes.

奶油馅 Whipped cream:

Pour whipping cream into a big bowl whisk cream and sugar with electric mixer with whisk attachment.  Whipped until soft peak form.