Saturday, 22 October 2011

粟米糕 (Jagung Kuih)

这个粟米糕点我记得是我新加坡的小姑最会做的。以前小时候,跟婆婆住在一起,小姑常会做这个糕点。有什么Party她就是出这一道。哈哈!她当然因该还有拿手别的,但是,在我记忆里粟米糕因该是她的trademark啦。因为曾经有问过她的食谱,你们是知道的啦,以前的人做糕没有秤好好来的,很会agakagak。所以她的食谱是永远都没办法学会的。印象是好像粟米一罐,然后用粟米的罐子来量其他的食材,又一罐椰浆一罐半水。。什么嘛,这样那里记得。我想,经过这么多年,再去问她,她也未必能给我答案。她现在已经是几间化妆品店的老板娘,问她那里一罐化妆品好用可能还可以找到答案!呵呵!在这里回忆一下和小姑一起长大的日子,于是今天上了这道小姑粟米糕(Jagung Kuih)。


Corn Custard (A)
1 cup of Custard powder
120g caster sugar
1 cup of coconut milk
200g corn kernel cream
½ tsp pinch of salt
2 cups of water

Hunkwe Layer (B)
60g hunkwe flour
100g fine sugar
200ml coconut milk
220ml water
1/2tsp salt

1. Prepare mould and spray with oil.

2. In a big pot, mix all ingredients (A) and cook on medium high heat and stir constantly until mixture becomes thicken. This takes about 5 minutes.

3. Bring to boil on medium low heat for 1 minute.

4.Pour mixture into container. Set aside and continue to prepare Hunkwe layer.

5. In another pot, mix in all ingredients (B), stir and cook over high heat, stirring continuously, till thickened, about 3 minutes.

6. Bring it to a slight boil, about a minute. The mixture should be thick, but still quite runny and easy to pour.

7. At this time, the corn custard will set slightly. Scratch the top of the corn custard layer with a toothpick and pour over the Hunkwe white layer.

8. Set aside to cool and refrigerate overnight.

粟米糕食谱请参考 Echo's Kitchen和 Hunkwe 层请参考Jane's Corner


  1. I remember this kueh is one the kueh very often serve in a birthday or wedding party when I was a kid. I like this too...Yummy..

  2. Sonia,making kuih-muih brings back lots of memories horrr... hehe ..even though my husband does not eat kuih I still enjoy making and giving away haha!! This could be the last kuih I will make for the month:)

  3. Wah Li Shuan, you are so hardworking in cooking & updating your post! I love the strawberry tart & this jagung kuih that you've made. Love strawberry & jagung. When you buy the jagung, do you buy the "super sweet" ones, hahaha? In Malaysia, I only know 1 type of jagung but here, you will see normal type lah, sweet corn lah, super sweet corn lah, organic corn lah, 1 more type but can't remember what they call. So when I choose, I will choose either sweet or super sweet ones!

  4. Hi Jessie, you are right, there are so many varieties of corns here. However, the cream corn I bought is Edgell Creamed Corn. Check out this
    I have abandon my garden alot since I started blogging hehe... :(

  5. i really think that this is a very nice kuih...quite rare to see this over at my place here. Thanks for the recipe, yes, i 'm also impressed with people who dont even need a proper measurement to make kuihs and still turn out perfect!!

  6. Hi Lena, I remembered when I was in Melaka, this kuih was also very rare among chinese kuih stalls but they are more common in Malay stalls. I am so rely on my digital scale, without it nothing can be done in my kitchen. :)

  7. This kueh is very pretty! Love the layer in between. Can I have one please :D

  8. 真的很kut lat le,做这么多种款式的糕点,可以开档叻!


  9. 照片拍的很美,kueh也很美!

  10. Ann thanks for liking the kuih。 I was thinking it was a bit boring just to have a yellow slice thus make another layer to go with it。 Btw the orange n green layers are just ribbons to make the kuih looks a bit more playful n interesting。 pls help urself with some:)

  11. 美玲,是lo,很kut lat horr。死啦,obsess with做糕。美天好像一定要做,不然心很痒。以前吃饱是很得空的,现在一天做到晚。


  12. 小厨,谢谢lo,我认为只要是颜色鲜艳的糕点都会比较枪眼一些的。:)

  13. 你好厉害,这样就能做出想吃的糕点来! 美美哟。

  14. Hanushi, 来来来,我们交换一下,我用jagung kuih交换你的蓝莓cupcake,呵呵!

  15. 第一次看到那麽美的粟米糕。

  16. Chan, 谢谢你。给你赞到我都不好意思了!

  17. 哈哈。好,成交!我觉得我赚到叻,因为你的kuih比较多功 也比较漂亮。哈哈。。。

  18. Hanushi:你的比较健康有营养叻!哈哈!

  19. wah!very nice. Want to sponsor for M'sia Bersih Talk tea break snack not? This Thursday night my husband is going for the Bersih talk in Willeton. Ask me to do some kuih. You want to offer a tray?

  20. OK ! But can I make it on Wednesday, because Thursday I will be in Melbourne already.