Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Prune Layer Cake

很高兴有三天的假期,那么我就可以做很多自己要做的事务。比如逛街,和姐姐喝茶,还有我做我一直很期待要再度尝试的layer cake。 那天Jane说她忘了带一些prune layer cake 给我,哎哟我好失望啊!我何尝也不是这样,之前打包了一些东西给她,但是到头来还是漏了一些,现在还好好的在冰箱里摆着。她每次都投诉 她的记性最近很差,我想我也好不到那里去啦!那个糕 没有吃到真的好像很不甘愿,回家想来想去,还是再提起勇气再度挑战kuih lapis吧!今天做这个糕,我把糖份大量减少了,至少给自己小小的安慰,15粒蛋却是低糖的layer cake喔。。(自我安慰了吧!)


250g butter
80g condense milk (I used 20g)
1 tsp mix spice
1/2 tsp vanilla powder (i added vanilla extract too)
80g golden syrup(I used 40g golden syrup +40g honey)

15 egg yolk
3 egg white
120g castor sugar ( I used 90g)
80g superfine
1 tbsp ovallete
20 ml cold water

a few drop of yellow colouring
150g pitted prunes (I used 200g -1 pkt)
Melted butter

1.Greased a 7x7x3 pan.. preheat oven 190C

2. Whisk A on high speed for abt 7mins or till thick and creamy. Leave aside

3. In mixing bowl, whisk B on medium speed for 10mins or till thick and fluffy.

4. Add butter mixture (A) into egg mixture (B) and continue to whisk till well blended

5. Add in yellow colouring

6. Separate batter into 10 portions. 80g batter on each layer

7. Spread a portion of batter evenly into pan. Grill for 7 minutes or until golden.

8. Remove from oven and press cake layer to remove excess air. Brush layer with melted butter and spread another portion of batter over the cooked layer, tilt pan to level batter and arrange flattened prunes onto batter. Grill for 7 minutes or until golden.

9. Alternate step 8 and 9 until batter is finished. (I lay prunes on every 3rd layer).

10. Bake last layer using upper and lower heat for a further 10mins. 

Recipe adapted from :Bisous a Toi