Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Cream Puff Top With Craquelin

这个好吃又好看的 choux pastry puff 是从姐姐的blog( Jane's Corner)里看到,喜欢的不得了。这也是原直于 Sonia 的blog 请看这里 。一做就是几十个美美的小puffs。家里只有我和老公没办法吃完,所以带去和医院同事分享。每两下子,扫个清光。谢谢 Sonia 的诚意分享。

Choux pastry

125g milk
125g water
125 salted butter (add 5g salt if you using unsalted butter (original recipe))
5g sugar
250g eggs ( 5 medium eggs ), lightly stir
163g all purpose flour (sifted)


75g butter
75g brown sugar
90g all purpose flour, sifted

Choux Pastry

1. Boil together milk, water, butter and sugar in a saucepan over medium high flame.
2. Remove from heat, using a wooden spoon, quickly stir in sifted flour until combined and mixture comes together into a ball. Return to low heat and cook, stirring constantly until the mixture leaves the sides of the saucepan and film forms on the bottom of the pan (3-4mins).
3. Transfer the dough to a clean mixing bowl and stir the dough till reach room temperature (no steam).
4. Gradually add in egg mixture and stir to incorporate (you may use wooden spatula to stir or use a mixer with paddle attachment to beat). Mix thoroughly until desired texture ( to check-scooping it up using a wooden spoon, the batter should hang down about 20sec before drop down).
5. Pour batter into a piping bag fitted with a 1cm piping tip. Pipe on a baking tray line with non-stick baking paper, allow 2"-3" gap in between each batter.
6. Bake at preheated oven at 190c for 20mins.
7. Transfer to a wire rack to cool.


1. Beat butter and brown sugar till light and creamy.
2. Add sifted flour, mix to combine.
3. Keep in fridge to harden.
4. Place dough in between two sheets of plastic sheet, roll into thin sheet (1-2mm).
5. Cut into small square and place on top of the choux pastry.