Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Oreo Cheese Cake

我在dailydelicious的blog里看到这个oreo cheesecake,就有冲动想试试。我不是很喜欢oreo饼干,但是看到这个配搭,想必定很好看。原著者的蛋糕做得太美了,会让人很情不自禁。我上个月会大马,很高兴买到17cm可以脱底的模,才RM11.80. 回来即克做了这个蛋糕。哎呀,要脱模是真是要了我的命。卡着卡着,差点整个蛋糕都翻了。后来就不敢再用这个模了。忍痛去买了一个德国spring form 模回来。一分钱一分货,我从此没有脱模的烦恼了。Yeah!!我在这里分享一下RM11.80 和小数点后移一点的模型比较,就可以了解我的痛苦和喜悦了。


Base (17cm cake)
10 Oreo cookies
40g Butter (melted)

150g Cream cheese
75g Sour cream
60g Sugar
Lemon juice from half of the lemon
6g Gelatin
10ml Kirsch
225ml Whipping cream
4 Oreo cookies (take the filling out)

Whipped cream
Mini Oreo


1.) Take the filling out of the cookies. Crush the cookies. Pour the melted butter into the cookie crumb, mix to combine, then put all the crumb into the cake pan with removable bottom or cake ring, press evenlyReference:
 Refrigerate until require.

 2.) Put gelatin powder in 10ml warm water stand for a few minutes until dissolved. Pour the Kirsch into the gelatin bowl and mix well.

 3.) Beat the cream cheese until soft (you can make the cream cheese soft and smooth by placing the bowl over the warm water). Pour the sour cream in beat to combine, follow by sugar, lemon juice, and gelatin mixture beat to combine.

 4.) Whip the cream until soft peaks, spoon 1/3 of the cream into the cream cheese mixture fold to combine, then pour the cream cheese mixture into the whipped cream and fold to combine

 5.) Pour half of the filling into the pan, place the cookies over, then cover with the rest of the filling.Refrigerate until firm (about 12 hours), take out of the pan and decorate with whipped cream and mini Oreo.